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Shortwave Spy Numbers Stations

"59372 98324 19043 78903 95320...". The mechanized female voice drones on and on... What have you stumbled on to? Instructions to spies? Messages exchanged between drug dealers? Deliberate attempts at deception and mis-information?

Chances are, all of the above! What you've tuned in to is called a "Spy Numbers Station". They've been on the air for several decades, and only recently have the mysteries started to unfold. But there's still much we don't know about these mysterious stations. With the information on these pages, you'll discover the little that we do know about these stations, what we're still trying to learn, and how you too can tune in to the spies.

Numbers Stations Mailing List

If you'd like to keep up to date with what others have been hearing, you'll want to subscribe to the Spooks Spy Numbers Station Mailing List. It's easy, just follow these instructions:
Send an email to this address: majordomo@qth.net

with a blank subject, and the following one line of text in the message body:

subscribe spooks

Also, I'd very much appreciate any bits of information you'd like to share. Such as interesting numbers station intercepts (even if they're very old), cases where you've heard a major blunder (such as R Havana Cuba audio mixing in with the numbers), or anything else. I'd also appreciate any comments from those "in the know" about these kinds of things, whatever little bits of information you can share would be greatly appreciated.